Cure baldness with natural remedies

When questioned which manly features constitute an immediate turn-off for them, more than 85% of female subjects named baldness as the no.1 issue. It is a known fact that bald men have a harder time initiating or maintaining relationships if they suffer from brittle, thin hair or if they have become completely bald.

To level the competition, many of these unfortunate individuals resort to expensive treatments or unproductive surgeries that only do more damage to their bodies, not to mention the classic, yet repulsive solution of wearing a toupee. Fortunately, they have a great chance of getting back in the game by using Provillus, a natural remedy that has been effective for more than 95% of the patients.

Clinically proven cures

This treatment has been medically produced and clinically tested to provide spectacular results in less than half a year for men who want to regain their conquering mane. Its composition consists of complementary levels of iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B and magnesium. These substances are known to have a regenerative effect on the body and act as a supplement for any given diet to ensure the complete health of the human metabolism.

However, its main ingredient is minoxidil, a recently discovered substance that helps the follicles underneath the scalp to recapture their initial state of health. In combination with other ingredients such as para-Amino Benzoic and horsetail Silica, it encourages the metabolism to function at maximum yield and produce the much desired outcome of thick, elongated hair.

Causes and remedies

Women can suffer from baldness as well, and even if a similar survey has not been made among the male population, this would surely constitute a major turn-off for them as well. Hormonal imbalance, menopause and pregnancy are just some of the few reasons why women lose their hair. When this happens, most of them are determined to invest in a large array of scarves, hats and other head ornaments.

A cheaper and more effective solution would be the use of Provillus. Due to the natural elements contained in this remedy and the female predisposition to grow hair faster, they can benefit from extraordinary results after just three months of use. However, in more tragic situations when women lose their hair due to diseases like Lupus or Alopecia areata, the full regrowth requires a treatment period of at least six months.

Natural supplements and lotions

Provillus has been created to benefit both men and women who want to get rid of every bald spot on their heads. This is why separate lotions and supplements are available for men and women alike. The use of this remedy does not imply any side effects and more than 95% of users have reviewed it as a highly-effective hair regrowth with permanent consequences. This only occurs if men and women use the product that has been designed especially for them and not mix them or apply them with inconsistency.

With Provillus, thinning hair and baldness become a thing of the past, regardless of the age the user has.