A lot of people, we’d say too many, keep on refusing to live their lives. To push further and further that very moment when they decide to start living the way they want. They tell themselves, too often, that they have enough time to start living, or that is not the right moment to do so. This long awaited moment doesn’t fit to their actual projects, their pressing issues and so forth and so on. Any kind of excuse is a good escuse.

Superficially, they feel right. Profoundly though, we all know there cannot be a better time, BUT NOW.

Today could be the day when you decide to get into shape, to live healthier, to enjoy your partner, to become a leader @ work and this seems to be a neverending list.

Only today is the day you can transform into the authentic side of you, to overcome your fears. Today you can tranphorm into the person you wanted to be for so long but never actually made it. Live the life you want! Transphorm!